Branding. Packaging. Print. Environmental. Sally Morrow Creative believes in purposeful & powerful emotive brand design.

On your mark, get set, whoa!

We know. It’s no cakewalk out there. Forging a brand. No. Make that a bond. It takes vision. Passion, for sure. And serious pluck. We’re in awe of you makers, doers, dreamers. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we feel you. The risks. The rewards. The partnering leaps of faith. Here’s a look before you do.


Bragging is so awkward. 

We are two principals, with a carefully accrued roster of project manager, writer, illustrator, photographer and strategist cohorts. (Think lean, personal and low on superfluous overhead.) Together, it’s a sort of perfect storm of capabilities. Cue the bios:  

Sally Morrow (thinker, designer, creative director, owner): A graduate of Art Center College of Design, her work spans everything from food and beverage, software and technology, sports apparel, footwear and theater to personal care products.  So, too, do the expressions: identity, packaging, environmental design, print, retail environments, web and digital media. In other words, creativity is creativity. After decades at notable shops ColemanSouter, Cole&Weber and Sandstrom Partners, she opened Sally Morrow Creative in 2013. First, she suggests, review the projects and case studies on the site. “Like them, you’ll probably like us. Or vice versa. Our approach is about discovery and problem-solving”. 

David Morrow (thinker, strategist, logistician, owner): “I’ve been lucky. I’ve worked for and with Nike, PepsiCo, The Gap, Columbia Sportswear, Esprit de Corp., Autodesk, and others. I’ve always been most captivated by one thing: the brand stories they tell.” His perch from inside and outside, from marketing to operations, have placed him at crosshairs of creativity and pragmatism. No surprise, he’s been able to help both start-ups and ongoing concerns communicate and compete better.  “Creativity isn’t a department” he likes to say. “It’s an ongoing opportunity.”


Beauty needs a purpose.

We love design. We love the language of words, images and lack thereof. (A moment, please, for white space) But one difference: nothing exists in a strategic vacuum. Who’s the audience? Where do they live? What shifts their hearts into high gear? Sometimes you can tell us. Great. Sometimes, it’s the stuff of research and planners. We know some great ones, with proprietary tools, and uncanny insights.  Regardless, we’re sticklers for process. A brain dump…leads to a creative brief…leads to debate…leads to revision…leads to consensus…leads to a map. And, ideally, all that dirty work yields a position, a voice, an emotion, a connection potent enough to turn customers into loyalists.  


Organic. Chemistry.  

Is saying “we’re nice” an oxymoron? Oops. In any case, we invite you to query our clients.

We dropped our diva long ago. Honestly, with media, technology and millennial changes arriving at hyperspeed, there are no more know-it-alls. We’re all learning, spinning, re-inventing. Collaboration is the new savant.   


Siri, dial those design people, please.

We’d love to chat more, by phone or in person. Talk is cheap, free even. And, possibly, life-changing. Tell us your story.